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Buy 3 body oils, get one FREE!

If you like our body spray you will love our body oil! A little goes a long way! Only a couple swipes on your wrist and the scent lasts for hours!

Berry Parfait: Sugared berries with a hint of vanilla!

Cotton Candy: Flirty and fun sweet cotton candy scent

Coconut Cream: If you like Austrailian Gold tanning lotion, you will love our coconut cream!

Desire: Blackberry, vanilla and touch of musk!

Erotic: Pomegranite, vanilla and musk

Naughty or Nice: Apricot, sandalwood and Musk!  

Grape infusion: Grape bubble yum!

Kiss Me: Blackberry, Plum and Musk 

Flirt: Sugared strawberries with notes of vanilla!

Seduction: Cherry blosson, peach and jasmine

Allure: Chocolate, musk and light sweet floral 

Heaven: Inspired by the Heliotrope flower! A unique vanilla scent with a powdery note and a light touch of licorice! 

Passion: Raspberry, watermelon, grapefruit and violet

Wicked: Amber musk and sandalwood with hints of lavender!

Tease: Amber, vanilla and patchouli with subtle notes of tropical fruit!

Fierce (Men): Mandarin spice and fig with subtle notes of leather!

Attraction (Men): Amber musk with pineapple, berries and lavender!



13ml roll on bottle

***Disclaimer: If you are sensitive or have allergies to scented products, do not use this or any other scented products

There are no returns, exchanges or refunds on body spray products

Body Oil Package Deal!

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