Here you can browse our selection of homemade scented oils. Click on the links below to view more details about each product.

All of our scented oils are homemade, long lasting & high quality. Each bottle lasts an average of 1-3 months!

**All of our oil warmer lamps use a 35watt bulb. Our oils are specifically made to work well with warmers using this type of bulb. They are not guaranteed to work well in wax type warmers or melters.


 Tips for Aroma Delights Oils:

  •  Add up to a half teaspoon of scented oil to your oil warmer dish to fill your home with a wonderful scent (yes you can re-warm it and still have a wonderful scent!)
  • Wait for your dish to cool down before adding more oil. If you add room temperature oil to a hot dish, your dish will crack
  • Clean your dish with hot water (and a little dishwashing liquid if you like), dry with a paper towel
  • If the oil is too strong, dilute it with a little water

***Disclaimer: If you are sensitive or allergic to scented products, do not use these products

There are no returns, exchanges or refunds on scented oils

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    49 - 58 of 58 items