Mermaid Kisses Scented Oil

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mermaid kisses scented oil

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Mermaid Kisses scented oil is a blend of ocean mist, sandalwood and lotus flowers!

1 ounce bottle

Customers in our Facebook group used Mermaid Kisses in oil warmer lamps and said this home fragrance oil is very fresh and travels from room to room in less than 5 minutes!

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Use Mermaid Kisses scented oil in oil warmer lamps and cool mist fragrance diffusers to fill your home with a wonderful scent!

Oil performance and reviews

Based on reviews in our Facebook group, testers reported that Mermaid Kisses fragrance oil is a medium scent that moved from room to room in a few minutes! They said the oil performed great in both oil warmer lamps and cool mist diffusers. You just need a few drops and the scent lasts for hours.


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