Campfire Scented Oil

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Campfire Scented Oil

Close your eyes and imagine sitting by a campfire in the woods roasting marshmallows! Campfire scented oil will fill your home with a woodsy, sweet aroma! This scent is perfect for both men and women!

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  • Add a few drops to oil warmer lamps to fill your entire home with a wonderful scent
  • The scent stays strong and true even after re-warming
  • Contains NO alcohol or cheap additives
  • Each bottle lasts an average of 1 to 3 months
  • 1oz each

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  1. (verified owner)

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    Smells so spot on I can almost feel the heat from my fake fireplace campfire!

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  2. Talk about a fresh campfire smell in your home . I can smell the fresh lit ambers , the nice Smokey wood . My favorite part of spring and summer is that great smell of a bonfire and now I have it all year round.

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  3. .I am in love with campfire! It’s a chilly morning, cloudy and overcast. This smell makes my house smell so warm and soooo good. I could sit here all morning just inhaling the sent! Unfortunately, I have to get up and work.

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  4. Campfire has a very Smokey woods smells. It filled up my living room with a wonderful scent in a short time. It reminds me of the scent of firewood. It’s a very enjoyable scent for making s’mores.

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  5. Smells just like a warm campfire..I love this one as well!

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  6. If you love to have a campfire you will love this scent, it smells just like wonderful wood burning on a fire, a must have!

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  7. Smells of fresh cut wood and fall! It reminds me of cool nights around a bonfire! This oil is perfect for all year round!

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  8. One of my many favorites! Smells as though you’ve just raked your yard in the fall, thrown the branches/dried leaves in the fire ring & started a fire!

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  9. This smells exactly like a campfire while camping

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  10. Cold sniff for campfire: it had a Smokey smell to it and smelled like popping embers…warm in the warmer: AAAHHHHH!!! smells sssooooo good!!! The Smokey smell dies down a little and wow!! It smells just like a campfire with the smell of the tree burning and the embers also has some kind of spiced smell as well but I can’t put my finger on it!!! I didn’t know how I would feel about this one by the cold sniff but I LOVE it!!!

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  11. (verified owner)

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  12. Campfire Review:
    cold sniff, I smell cough meds, lol
    Warmed: I think I’m smelling cedar chips, and something kind of sweet. I was expecting a smokey smell, but I don’t smell smoke at all. It smells just like I remember a good ol’ campfire with friends and family smelling. I’d say it’s Soul-soothing & smells great to me! No harsh scents at all!
    My oldest daughter’s review:
    Cold sniff: ” smells like burnt firewood, ash”
    Warmed: ” it smells like roasting marshmallows! Nice!”
    Survey says: Winner!!! Excellent scent and my daughter’s bedroom & bathroom smell lovely!

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