Cannoli Scented Oil

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Cannoli Scented Oil

Cannoli scented oil is a blend of flaky pastry, vanilla custard and chocolate chips! Add to oil warmer lamps and diffusers to fill your home with a wonderful scent!

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  • Add a few drops to oil warmer lamps to fill your entire home with a wonderful scent
  • Cherry Bomb scented oil stays strong and true even after re-warming
  • Contains NO alcohol or cheap additives
  • Each bottle lasts an average of 1 to 3 months
  • 1oz

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  1. Cold sniff you think you just opened a fresh bag of goodies. When warming it makes your room smell like a bakery and fresh baked goods highly enjoyable

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  2. Been burning CANNOLI all day & my house smells like an Italian Bakery! Cold sniff I smell sweet vanilla cream. Warmed the sweet vanilla really started to smell like the center of a cannoli, kind’ve like cream cheese & ricotta cheese blended together with a splash of lemon. After a short time I could smell the sweet flaky pastry dough with chocolate chips and powdered sugar. This scent lasted all day and smells amazing, its perfect! I’m so craving a cannoli right now! Definitely love this oil!

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  3. I love Canoli oil.. smells wonderful.. smell the vanilla, chocolate. Travels really well through my house. It’s a keeper Kelly!! YES!!

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  4. Cold sniff cannoli smells like a buttery cookie dough batter. Warmed up I can smell the cream and the flaky crust. Medium scent and travels well.😍

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  5. Canolli is amazing !! I can smell vanilla cream and a flaky crust and just the right amount of chocolate..Yummy !! Travels well
    I love it

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  6. Canolli…… cold snif I smell butterscotch ( weird I know ) . Once warmed up I smell a creamy vanilla scent with a slight hint chocolate chips and the crispy shell . I burned this in one warmer in a medium sized room . This does travel but not too far. It had no problem making my living room smell amazing

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  7. Smells wonderful, travels well and makes my nose happy! With this oil I smell chocolate, coconut, vanilla cream and flaky pastry! Can you say winning!?! This oil smells as if I picked up some fresh cannoli’s and brought them home. If flaky pastry with vanilla and chocolatey goodness is what you’re looking for in an oil, this one is the one for you.

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