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Aroma Delights

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Auto Scents Fabric Spray can be used to freshen fabric, linens, car upholstery and carpeting! Alcohol free!

Just a couple sprays is all you need to leave your car or home smelling incredible!

Auto Scents dries immediately so you don't have to worry about wet car seats or furniture! Just a couple sprays lasts from a few hours to a few days! Use sparingly. Start with 1 spray and repeat until you reach desired strength.

1 ounce bottle

Choose from a variety of great scents!


  • BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE: Juicy blueberries blended with strawberries and cream! * Skin Safe
  • I LOVE COFFEE: Rich espresso with a hint of cream! * Skin Safe


  • LEMON KISS: Juicy lemons blended with Kiwi! * Not Skin Safe
  • STRAWBERRY LEMONADE: Juicy strawberries blended with sugared lemons!* Skin Safe


  • BREEZY: Freshly washed sheets hanging to dry in a soft breeze! * Not Skin Safe
  • FRESH LINEN: Freshly washed linen hanging to dry in the sun! * Not Skin Safe
  • ICE: A blast of cool spearmint blended with eucalyptus! * Not Skin Safe
  • MANGO APPLE: If you like Gain mango apple, you'll love this autoscent! * Not Skin Safe


  • BLACK DIAMOND: Compare to Black Ice tree fresheners! * Not Skin Safe
  • COCO LAVENDER: Coconut blended with lavender and vanilla! * Not Skin Safe
  • NEW CAR: Crisp new car scent blended with a hint of leather! * Not Skin Safe
  • ORCHID DREAMS: Orchids blended with amber and pink chiffon! * Skin Safe
  • SMOKE BE GONE: A citrus blend with smoke and odor neutralizers! * Not Skin Safe


Performance and reviews

Based on reviews in our Facebook group, testers reported that Auto Scents fabric spray dried very quickly and the scent lasted from a few hours to a few days!

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