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Cinna Latte Fragrance Oil

Aroma Delights

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Cinna latte fragrance oil by Aroma Delights

Cinna Latte fragrance oil is a blend of sweet cinnamon, espresso and our signature cream! *Not skin safe 

1 ounce

Use Cinna Latte scented oil in oil warmer lamps and cool mist diffusers! The scent throw is perfect and moves from room to room without fading! If anyone walks into your house, they'll swear you just made cappuccino! All of our fragrance oils are alcohol free and no cheap additives.

Use our  Unscented Soy wax flakes  to make your oils last 4 times longer! Soy flakes are organic, vegan and non toxic! Just add a pinch of flakes to your warmer dish and a few drops of Aroma Delights fragrance oil! One pinch of flakes lasts for days and enhances the scent of the oil!




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