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Dreamsicle Face Mask Spritz

Aroma Delights

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dreamsicle face mask spritz by aroma delights

Freshen your face mask with Aroma Delights Dreamsicle Face Mask Spritz! A wonderful blend of orange and vanilla! 1oz

A lot of us wear face masks all day which can cause unpleasant odors over time. Use our face mask spray to freshen your mask with a great scent in-between washings!

Just a couple sprays on the outside of your mask lasts for hours and hours!

A great gift for anyone!

Our face mask base is alcohol free and dries immediately! Our formula is skin safe and can also be used on clothing, fabric and hair!

As with any scented product, if you're sensitive to fragrance, do a patch test before use.

Ingredients: Alcohol free proprietary base, fragrance