Mango Smoothie Fragrance Oil

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mango smoothie fragrance oil by aroma delights

Mango Smoothie Fragrance Oil

Mango Smoothie Fragrance oil will fill your home with a wonderful tropical fragrance! Mango smoothie is blend of mangoes, berries and whipped cream


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The scent throw is perfect and moves from room to room without fading! All of our fragrance oils are alcohol free and no cheap additives.

Based on reviews in our Facebook group, testers said Mango Smoothie fragrance oil worked beautifully in both oil warmer lamps and cold mist diffusers! You just need a few drops and the scent lasts for hours.


Read reviews on all of our products in our Facebook group!

  • Add a few drops to oil warmer lamps to fill your entire home with a wonderful scent
  • stays strong and true even after re-warming
  • Contains NO alcohol or cheap additives
  • Each bottle lasts an average of 1 to 3 months
  • 1oz

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