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Oil Warmer Dimmer Switch

Aroma Delights

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Oil Warmer Dimmer Switch

Replacement dimmer switch for electric oil warmer fragrance lamps.

If you have an oil warmer and it stops working, chances are the dimmer shorted out. Our dimmers are made to work with electric fragrance oil warmer lamps that use a 35 watt halogen bulb.

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This oil warmer dimmer switch is compatible with most of our oil warmer lamps. Different things can cause a dimmer to stop working including a power surge or a kink in the wire. These are super easy to change. 

This dimmer is for electric oil warmer lamps that use a 35 watt halogen bulb. Watch our YouTube Video for step by step instructions.


Based on reviews in our  Facebook group   members who purchased this oil warmer dimmer said it was easy to change and now they have a working warmer again!


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